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Peggy Larson

A message from Peggy Larson
District Administrator

Oh my! Can you believe WCSD students have missed eight days of school due to poor weather conditions? Unbelievable! On March 18 I will present a plan to make up for lost learning. The proposal is similar to what I shared in my last Winneconne News Article. I am proposing that our April and Mary early release dates become a full days of school (no early release). We go to school on April 19 which had been a planned vacation day. Students’ last day of school will be June 6 and teachers’ last day will be June 7. Again, our issue is lost learning. With up to nine snow days, we still would meet the criteria for required hours of instruction, but we feel it is critical to make up some of this lost learning. This is because we are required to provide hours/minutes of instruction, rather than days of instruction, our days are sufficiently long enough, but the disruption with the lost days that we are concerned about. I will keep you in the loop as far as what our Board decides.

In August I shared 10 tips to make your children’s learning more visible. I took the tips from the work of Ron Ritchhart. Hopefully these tips will help make you feel more part of what your child(ren) is/are learning at school.

Each month, I intend to go just a bit deeper into each of the tips. We are already are on Tip #6 of 10!

6. Encourage Connections.
Students encounter new information constantly. To learn and make sense of new information they must connect it to previous knowledge and then integrate it with their new experience. When talking about the topics your child is studying or exploring, ask questions of connection and encourage the creation of metaphors, similes, comparisons and contrasts.
Here are some questions that may help you begin the conversation:
What does this remind you of?
Where else have you seen something like this?
How does this connect to the topic you’ve been studying?
Where does this fit within the grand scheme of things?
What is it like? What is not like?
If you were to group these things, what would go together?
When we help children access their prior knowledge, we help them make connections to new knowledge. This helps them make sense of information and helps them learn.

The school board and I remain committed to keeping the community informed about the District’s progress. If you ever have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at (920) 582-5802 ext. 3141.

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