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Welcome to the K-12 Comprehensive Counseling Program

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By All
Our Comprehensive school counseling program supports students by involving families, school, and our community in assuring academic success for ALL students.

For All
ALL students in our school are a part of our programs.

Our Comprehensive School Counseling Program is an integral component of the WCSD’s mission statement. Comprehensive school counseling programs deliver the knowledge and skills all students need to become successful in their academic, career, and personal/social development.

The Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model builds the content of developmental school counseling programs around nine standards. Each standard represents a broad developmental concept. Each concept inspires a separate but related objective. As individuals develop, they become more knowledgeable and sophisticated in their use of these standards throughout their lives. While this model is described in the context of a K-12 comprehensive school counseling program, these standards represent lifelong development and learning goals.

Our district is implementing the new Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model by revising our existing program to include a conferencing component.


1. Increased Student Achievement PK-12
2. Increased collaboration between parents, community and school
3. Increased success in transitions and future planning
4. Decreased discipline problems and drop out rate

This standard-based model is pided into four components.

School Counseling Curriculum


Character Education/Development

Diversity/Cultural Competencies

Learning/Academic Skills

Personal/School Safety

Self Knowledge/Management

Social/Communication skills


Elementary School Counseling Dept.

Middle School Counseling Dept.

High School Counseling & Career Center


Individual Student Planning/Conferencing



Transition Planning



Responsive Services

Individual Counseling

Support Group Facilitation

Crisis Response

Coordinate services and referrals with community agencies

System Support

Community and Parent Involvement

Advisory Committees

Professional Development

Student and Program Information

Model Academic Standards for School Counseling

Academic Domain

Standard A: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to successful learning in school and across the lifespan.
Standard B: Students will develop the academic skills and attitudes necessary to make effective transitions from elementary to middle school, from middle to high school, and from high school to a wide range of postsecondary options.
Standard C: Students will understand how their academic experiences prepare them to be successful in the world of work, in their interpersonal relationships, and in the community.

Personal/Social Domain

Standard D: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to understand themselves and appreciate the perse backgrounds and experiences of others.
Standard E: Students will demonstrate effective decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills.
Standard F: Students will understand and use safety and wellness skills.

Career Domain

Standard G: Students will acquire the self-knowledge necessary to make informed career decisions.
Standard H: Students will understand the relationship between educational achievement and career development.
Standard I: Students will employ career management strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction.


Our counselors provide a confidential helping relationship with a caring adult based on trust, respect, and compassion. Standards for professional ethics dictate that those who use the counseling service can be confident that the information they share will not be disclosed except under the following circumstances:

**threats of violence or harm to self or others
**suspected abuse
**illegal activity
**presence of alcohol/drugs or weapons on campus

Under these circumstances, the counselor will follow mandated reporting procedures and school district guidelines in acting in the best interests of the student by involving parents and/or others who can help. These confidentiality guidelines will be reviewed with all students at least once each school year.