Facilities Description

Structural Features


 Photo By: Dana Hartel
Roads - Entrance driveway lined with Maple and Cedar trees to the house/garage area with a few additional pathways between tree plantings which lead to the back storage areas and pond.

Parking Lots - turn around driveway area in front of both sheds with limited parking but no parking lot. Visitors are asked to park on the road and walk up the driveway.


Green Shed – Storage
Brown/White Shed
Indoor classroom space with seating for approximately 30 students
Tools and equipment storage Cabin with full kitchen and basement storage currently under renovation



 Photo By: Dana Hartel
Water - well connected to the cabin with outdoor spigot access
Phone - cell phone reception and 4G is excellent
Garbage Disposal – Pick-up every Thursday morning
Propane tank - for furnace in the basement to heat cabin
Wood stove – wood heating in shed classroom space


Two portable toilets near green shed.

Outdoor spaces


 Photo By: Dana Hartel
Picnic areas
Walking Trails