Requesting Transportation

Requesting Transportation
When setting up transportation for the upcoming school year, you do not need to request transportation if your child is in K-10th grade and will be bused to and from home (Family 1 in Skyward). The nearest bus stop will be assigned to all students K through 10th grade students that live within the district and but do not live within the walk zone (see yellow area on map below - this zone  is within the village and east of the river). If your child does not need transportation for the upcoming school year, please let us know between May 1st and June 20th to help us as we plan routes for the upcoming school year.

Please fill out a Transportation Request Form if your child does not need bus transportation, is an 11th or 12th grader that needs bus transportation, is open enrolled and would like a bus stop within the district an/or needs a bus stop at an alternative address like a daycare, or busing is needed for a two household family.

It is critical that you complete any change of busing requests by June 20th to ensure availability for the upcoming school year. This information must be submitted every year as  transportation will default back to the home address every June. Any requests made after June 20th are subject to the availability of seats on the bus and may not be approved if there is not room on the route. 

Changes needed during the year?
Families moving into the district, moving homes within the district, or need changes in transportation due to changing daycare needs should fill out the form and allow 2 weeks for any transportation changes to take affect. 
Walk Zone

If you meet any of the following criteria, a Transportation Request form must be completed:
  • No busing needed. If your family lives outside of the Village of Winneconne but within the school district and does not need busing, please fill out this form.
  • New Student to the district or move to new address within the district. If your transportation needs change during the school year, please fill out the form and allow 2 weeks for transportation to be set up.
  • Living within the Walk Zone elementary student families may request busing to and from designated bus stops or daycare outside of the Walk Zone. There is a fee for this service and it is based on the space available and is provided on a first come first serve basis. Fees (subject to change annually) are as follows:
    • $25 per student per quarter (maximum of $200 per year or $50 per quarter for the family)
    • If your family qualifies for the reduced lunch program then fees are $6.25 per student per quarter (maximum of $50 per year or $12.50 per quarter for the family)
    • If your family qualifies for the free lunch program, there is no cost.  
  • Juniors or Seniors needing busing: 11th and 12 graders are not automatically assigned to a bus as many do not use busing. If your child will be a Junior or Senior next year and will need busing you will need to fill out the form.
  • Open enrolled students do not receive busing as they do not live within the district; however, if you would like to use a designated bus stop within the school district for the upcoming school year you will need to fill out the form. Provided space is available, requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.  There is no cost for this service. Most commonly requested stops for this are:
    • Cty Hwy S & Gray Wolf Drive
    • Cty Hwy S & 116 Park 'n' Ride
    • Vinland Town Hall at Cty Hwy GG & T
    • Laura Ln & Cty Hwy B
    • St. Paul’s Church (in Winchester).
    • Cty Hwy M & Hansen Rd (near Hwy 45 & Cty Hwy M)

    **If you want to be assigned the closest stop to your home address,

    put “closest stop” for the alternate address.**

  • Alternative Transportation is needed for a bus pickup and drop-off address different than primary home address. Examples of this might be a secondary residence, grandparent’s home, or daycare. Please realize that requests for busing transportation, other than related to the primary address within the district, are subject to the availability of seats on the bus. All bus stops must be within the school district; there are no exceptions.

If you did not meet any of the above criteria, there is no need to fill out the form; a spot on the bus will be reserved for you. (Parents of 4K students please use the form received at the Open House if requesting transportation for the upcoming year; if you are changing transportation during the year fill out the form below)

K-12 Transportation Request Form 2024-2025(Available until June 20th)
4K Transportation Request Form 2024-2025 (
Available until June 20th)
Transportation Changes or New Busing Requests 4K-12 Form after June 20th and during the school year, requests for busing transportation, or changes needed to current busing, should be made using this link. Please allow 1-2 weeks for changes to take affect. Any request made between Aug. 23rd and the start of the school year will not be set up until after Sept. 6th.

Any questions regarding your transportation request may be directed to:
Lamers Bus Lines

[email protected]

920-685-2475 extension 11712

WCSD Transportation Coordinator
phone: (920) 582-5810 ex.1102
 fax: (920) 582-5813